Pizza and Weed

by Cosmic Halitosis

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I'm just a punk raised on the street
Weed is what I smoke
and pizzas what I eat
I never gave a fuck and I never fucking will
Ride my sk8board down the street that's how I get my thrill
I like to chill and do what I want
Play Tony Hawk and smoke a big fat blunt
I play in Lilac Daze and that is how I roll
Hit the drums so hard like I'm dave fuckin grohl
Evan and Patti drinkin on Natty
Im in the corner rollin up a fatty
makin pizza all day, its how I make my money
and then i spend it all on pizza its kinda fuckin funny
walkin around like im johnny fuckin depp
smoke a pack a day even though i got the strep
when i play my stratocaster i feel like an innocent kid
then i look in the mirror and remember all the bad things i did
Iggy azalea is my mutherfukin hero
she makes me feel like im not a fuckin zero
my casio tone is how i make my beats
never had a cavity cuz I dont eat sweets
oh sheet


released November 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Cosmic Halitosis Frederick, Maryland

Toxic sludge rock straight from ur-anus.
Mathias - Vokills, guitar and all the other instruments

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